Maureen O' Callaghan Holistic Therapies Testimonials

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"I wanted to try maternity reflexology to help with the fact that my baby was in breech position and Maureen had been recommended to me as a gifted reflexologist. I found her to be fantastic. She has a wonderful calming, authentic manner, which immediately puts you at ease. The session was insightful and reflective. I felt a strong response to the deeper significance of the work that she did and the baby was very active during the practice. The following day I had a scan and the baby had turned into the correct position. I know that this was thanks to the session with Maureen. I continue to see her for reflexology sessions throughout the year and I always leave her sessions feeling relaxed and empowered." Clair Swinburne, teacher & author


This powerful course the artists way jolts you out of your comfort zone, into a place you would much rather be" .J.T.

As someone who came to this course, the Artists Way as a skeptic with fixed ideas who thought she would last 2 weeks at the most - I am now so sad that this course is nearly finished. It is the best thing I have ever done in my life and it has left me for the first time with a true sense of myself. I would recommend that everyone does this course, its brilliant. B.Gorey.

This course was exactly what I needed. Many of the changes were subtle and simple, but have made huge and wonderful changes to my life. Maureen, in her gentle and loving way made us feel at ease and is the perfect facilitator for this course. Through "The Morning Pages" I now write 3 pages each morning and have found how to find answers within, rediscovered my own power. Thank you for this wonderful course. M.M.

"Having undertaken the Artists Way on my own on several occasions during the last ten years, it was not until I joined the Artists Way course being run by Maureen O Callaghan that I really began to have a sense of just how powerful this work actually is.

I believe the support of the group is fundamental to the successful completion of the 12 week course.The interaction with kindred spirits, all endeavering (and succeeding) to open to creative possibilites within themselves has encouraged me on my own journey of self-development and self-discovery. Maureen is an inspirational, motivational teacher with a deep understanding & sound knowledge of the power of the Artists Way Course. This course holds the keys to opening to creativity on many levels within ourselves." S.R.

"With her nurturing therapies, her beautiful, warm nature and gentle encouragement in such heavenly surrounds I felt better very quickly.I know reflexology is about the feet but Maureen's work comes straight from the heart" A.M. Dublin

"I suffered from cold sores for over 10 years, I had 6 sessions of Reflexology with Maureen, & I haven't had a cold sore since. I would thoroughly recommend reflexology." J. A.


Having had personal reflexology sessions with Maureen I can say without prejudice that she is gifted and wise, accurate and perceptive, insightful and inspirational, competent yet humble, and above all faithful to her purpose and her gifts. Her sessions gave me the information and the healing I needed and through her I was guided to deal with issues in my life both physically and emotionally. Her gentle and easy manner during the sessions allowed me to relax, feel totally secure and indeed enjoy the healing and advice freely offered. Overall I felt and feel enriched, renewed and enlightened by those experiences, emboldened to confidently move forward with my life, freed now from all previous issues and ailments. I have no hesitation therefore in recommending her and her amazing gifts to you. Bernadette


'On Our Artists Way' by Norah Kelly

I sincerely thank you from the heart
for the support you proffered from the start
the Love the Light the Blessings true
I now return one million fold to you

May you each be Blessed
on your journey into Light
May Divinity unfold for you
Its beautiful sight

Love, laughter, kindness, in Bliss
may you all experience
Life's Divine Kiss
May we each together in Spirit unite
coax creativity to scale a new height

May we love and learn, learn and love
reach for the stars on the wings of a dove
May we evolve to Higher Sacred Streams
see the prism in white moon beams

May we play and laugh along the way
each be inspired as we have our say
On this wonderful adventure - The Artists Way

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